Sports Turf

The finest lawn turfs delivered direct to York from our turf farm in Sherburn just outside York

Sports Turf

Turf for Sports Fields

For high impact, heavy wear sports fields and commonly used pathways only the strongest turfs will survive. Our range of sports turf has been developed to be damage tolerant and re grow quickly even at low temperatures. We have selected a fine blend of 100% ryegrasses to create a durable multi layered turf that lasts.

We use a balance of ryegrasses to produce quick germinating, quick repairing turf. These seeds have been specially selected from a range of colder climate ryegrasses to ensure they can take the ravages of a cold York winter.

Our Sports turf is used widely in football and rugby pitches, cricket outfields, and golf tees, but is also used in the commercial market. Our heavy duty Sports turf is ideal for shopping centre car park verges or entrance ways where heavy daily footfall will quickly kill standard turfs. It can be used anywhere that required tough durable grass, but doesn’t need the finer bladed qualities of our more traditional turfs.

So whether it’s for your football pitch, or for a children’s playground, Fineland Turfs Sports turf will stand up to the job.

We also offer a turf laying service to customers in the York area. Our professional trained turf fitters will make your lawn look fantastic without it costing the earth. Or we have an online turf laying guide available to give you the knowledge you need to lay the turf yourself.

Contact our sales teams now, or call us on 01723 376977 for a no nonsense, no obligation chat about your Turf Requirements in York.

  • Quick recovery from damage
  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Dwarf ryegrass mix for self seeding
  • Weed free & resistant
  • Works with many soil types
  • Ideal for colder climates

Used for

  • Football and rugby pitches
  • Cricket outfields
  • Golf Courses
  • Shopping centres
  • Parks & Playgrounds
  • Holiday camps & Campsites

Regency - Show Lawn Turf

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Monarch - Ultra Fine Short Mow Turf

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Sports - Hardwearing & Robust Turf

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