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The finest lawn turfs delivered direct to York from our turf farm in Sherburn just outside York

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Here at Fineland Turf, we’ve been growing and supplying our own turf since 1985 – that’s over 25 years experience providing our customers with top-quality fine turf products.

We’ve grown with our product over the years, and can offer quality turf products, topsoils and fertilisers suitable for golf courses, sports fields, playgrounds, domestic use and corporate use, to name but a few. Why not call one of our friendly advisors to ask about our diverse range of durable, quality turf products?

The current management challenge has always been to provide an excellent product for the most discerning of customers. We know how much pride people take in their gardens and outside areas, and we continually strive to supply the best quality turf that is easy to maintain and looks good in all seasons. Now and always we will continue to take a hands-on approach to business and strive to provide a friendly and professional service.

Our turf is available in light handy to lay rolls one square meter. The turf is cut fresh to order every day to ensure that our turf has the best start possible when laid.

Regency - Show Lawn Turf

For the extra touch of class our premium seed mixture creates lush green 'show' lawns. Requires a higher level of care than our harder wearing turfs, so more suited to more experienced gardeners.

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Majestic - Hardwearing Allrounder Turf

Our Majestic turf is more suited to general applcations where the dwalf ryegrass qualities create a harder wearing, more drought resistant grass.

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Monarch - Ultra Fine Short Mow Turf

Our Monarch range of lawn turfs contain ultra fine fenscue seeds to allow very short mowing. Ideal for many sporting applications such and golf greens, lawn bowls pitches etc.

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Sports - Hardwearing & Robust Turf

Our sports turf range is ideal for more active sporting arenas such as football pitches, golf courses, race courses and more. The Fenscue/Ryegrass mix provides a deep cushioned underlayer, and a tough, robust, self seeding upper layer

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