About Fineland Turf in York

We grow the finest range of lawn turf available, cut our turf to order, from our farm in the lush Vale of Pickering, just outside York

About YorkTurf.co.uk

We at Fineland Turf have over 25 years experience growing and suppling turf in the York area. We grow the finest range of lawn turf available, cut our turf to order, from our farm in the lush Vale of Pickering, just outside York.

We have produced 4 blends of turf to satisfy the many applications for which our turf is used. For the domestic home lawn market we have our Regency turf for fine high quality show lawns and driveways and our rugged hard wearing Majestic range for more practical home gardens where children and pets test the hard wearing properties of our turf daily. For more specific applications we have created our Monarch and Sports turf ranges to suit hard wearing or close mowing uses.

Our owner Gary Greenwood and the rest of our team invest endless time and effort into ensuring our blends are the best they can be for each application. We make sure the turf is kept in the best possible condition year round and we only cut at the last possible minute to ensure your lawn turf has the best possible start. For York customers this means your turf could be laid and watered within hours of being cut!

Our turf is suitable for every possible usage and is available to the public for garden lawns and driveways, to landscape contractors and builders for gardens or common ground, to sports grounds and cricket pitches where different turf are combined to produce the desired results.

Contact our sales teams now, or call us on 01723 376977 for a no nonsense, no obligation chat about your Turf Requirements in North Yorkshire or view more about our lawn turfs and other products.

Regency - Show Lawn Turf

For the extra touch of class our premium seed mixture creates lush green 'show' lawns. Requires a higher level of care than our harder wearing turfs, so more suited to more experienced gardeners.

Majestic - Hard wearing All rounder Turf

Our Majestic turf is more suited to general applications where the dwarf ryegrass qualities create a harder wearing, more drought resistant grass.

Monarch - Ultra Fine Short Mow Turf

Our Monarch range of lawn turfs contain ultra fine fenscue seeds to allow very short mowing. Ideal for many sporting applications such and golf greens, lawn bowls pitches etc.

Sports - Hard wearing & Robust Turf

Our sports turf range is ideal for more active sporting arenas such as football pitches, golf courses, race courses and more. The Fenscue/Ryegrass mix provides a deep cushioned under layer, and a tough, robust, self seeding upper layer