Majestic Lawn Turf

Our all rounder lawn turf that is robust and hardwearing enough to stand up to modern life.

Majestic Lawn Turf

Turf for Sports Fields

Our bestselling Majestic range of turf is our all-rounder turf and can be used in almost any application. It can be used to create a harder wearing lawn ideal for family gardens, parklands, fairways, verges and caravan parks. Anywhere where the daily toils require a tougher self maintaining turf.

We have created our Majestic turf by combining the best possible qualities of self seeding, fast growing dwarf ryegrasses with the lush short fine blades of fescue to create a turf that is has a lush green under layer with fast growing, easy maintenance top layer.

Ideal for home gardens where an impromptu football match or a game of cricket may take place, or where heavy footfall from shoppers, campers, clients and customers can damage less hardwearing turf.

Here at Fineland Turf we only use the highest quality seed mixtures selected for their purity and performance. Fineland Turf is grown on some of the finest natural sandy free draining soil in the Vale of Pickering near York and is the best to be found anywhere in the country: in other words, we know our product. Our Majestic turf will transplant on to other soil types with no problem at all and it will root very fast.

This is our best selling turf, we sell it to homes, builders, garden centres and is the one we recommend most for day to day use. If you are in York and looking for the best turf for your lawn then give us a call on 01723 376977 for a friendly informal chat about your needs.

  • Robust and hard wearing
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Dwarf ryegrass mix for self seeding
  • Weed free & resistant
  • Works with many soil types

Used for

  • Home lawns
  • Golf course fairways
  • Paths and grass verges
  • Parkland and playing fields
  • Cricket outfields

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